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Beautiful Image - Model 900 Microcurrent Machine

Don't be duped by made-up words and fancy packaging--no other company has spent more time on research and development Beautiful Image Oasis.  Since our first model in 1976, we have paved the way for lots of cookie-cutter companies attempting to take advantage of the approaching mass demand in Microcurrent Cosmetics. Now we have truly set the standard with the release of our Model 900 machine.

Our Model 900 Microcurrent Machine is the Most Effective Model Ever!

Our newest Model 900 delivers a broader range of Frequency Specific Microcurrent than any competitive technology on the market and allows a deeper level of intensity without muscle contraction or over-stimulation of ATP levels. This means as much as 20-30% improvement in overall results compared to previous models.

Microcurrent Body Sculpting Results!

Microcurrent Body Sculpting is a phenomenon that's sweeping the nation! Say goodbye to risky thermal energy sources like lasers and other invasive and abrasive techniques, say hello to a truly risk-free and non-invasive approach to body contouring that achieves so much more than just cellulite reduction. Our Model 900 combines Microcurrent Facelift and Body Contouring in one device

Select an affordable Beautiful Image Oasis Nonsurgical Facelift or Body Contouring package that is suited for achieving your goals. Order Now!

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